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LaxRoom 8-Diamond XPRO Lacrosse Mesh (White)

LaxRoom 8-Diamond XPRO Lacrosse Mesh (White)

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LaxRoom's 8-Diamond XPRO Lacrosse Mesh is a revolution in versatility, feel, and consistency.

  • Unleash Your Versatility: Easily create low, mid, or high pockets for the ultimate on-field adaptability.
  • Experience Unmatched Feel: The unique 8-diamond design delivers exceptional ball control and a precise release.
  • Stringing Made Easy: Enjoy diverse stringing options, a quick break-in, and replicable results.
  • Consistency You Can Count On: Build confidence with a mesh that delivers the same great pocket, time and time again.

The Verdict: This game-changing mesh rivals top brands. LaxRoom delivers innovation for players who demand the best.

Upgrade your stick. Upgrade your game. Get LaxRoom 8-Diamond XPRO Lacrosse Mesh today.

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