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vintage lacrosse heads

Vintage Heads

The best selection of brand new old lacrosse heads around. Warrior, Brine, STX, Gait, and more.

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attack lacrosse heads

Offense Heads

The best selection of men's lacrosse heads for attack and midfield. Top brands and the best heads made from lightweight and durable materials.

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defense lacrosse heads

Defense Heads

Lacrosse heads designed specifically to meet the needs of the best defenders. Extra wide and extra tough.

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face off lacrosse heads

Face-off Heads

The best type of face-off head is the head that fits your playing style and what type of flex you like. Learn more here

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lacrosse goalie heads

Goalie Heads

Lacrosse goalie heads from STX, Nike, and ECD. We carry the best lacrosse goalie heads for men and women.

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Stringers Society Lacrosse Apparel

A New Approach to Storytelling for the Oldest Sport In America

  • History

    We revere the origins of lacrosse that far predate the creation of our county. The influence from lacrosse's historical roots is paramount to our design process.

  • Progression

    The development of new rules, equipment, techniques, and tactics in lacrosse has pushed the sport to new heights. We apply the same attitude to improving and advancing our designs.

  • Creativity

    The namesake of the original form of lacrosse is the almighty Creator. Without the creativity that has continuously pushed lacrosse forward, we would be without direction.

  • Flair

    A lack of expression is the enemy of passion. To allow ourselves to add excitement to the unexpected is to truly grow the sport of lacrosse.