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Gait Lacrosse

Strung Vintage Gait Recon XL Lacrosse Head

Strung Vintage Gait Recon XL Lacrosse Head

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Gait Recon XL Lacrosse Head is a great head similar to the torque but designed for attack-men and midfield with mid/high pocket types. The gradient sidewall technology offers lightweight strength and durability. With an enhanced sidewall pinch for increased ball control, the Gait Recon XL creates a long narrow channel for increased speed and accuracy. Includes multiple stringing holes for unlimited versatility and a moderate offset for a quick release. 

Materials Used / Total Cost Calculation

1. Gait Recon XL ($50)

2. Stringers Shack 6 Diamond ($5.43)

3. Three LaxRoom Shooting Strings - White ($4.50)

5. Stringing Fee: ($20)

6. LaxRoom Premium Lacrosse Sidewall - Red ($3)

6. Total Cost: $82.93

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