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Brine Lacrosse

Strung Vintage Brine Clutch Lacrosse Head

Strung Vintage Brine Clutch Lacrosse Head

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Upgrade your game with this expertly assembled lacrosse head, featuring premium components and professional stringing. This package includes a Vintage Brine Clutch head for powerful shots and excellent ball control, LaxRoom 6 Diamond mesh for the perfect blend of feel and durability, LaxRoom Level 6 Shooting Strings in orange for superior hold, and LaxRoom Premium Sidewalls in royal for exceptional strength. All components are meticulously strung by a professional for optimal pocket performance. Get a competitive edge with this custom-built head for a total cost of only $94. Order yours today! Note: This is no longer legal for NCAA / NFHS. 

Materials Used / Total Cost Calculation

1. Brine Clutch ($50)

2. LaxRoom 6 Diamond ($15)

3. Three LaxRoom Level 6 Shooting Strings - Orange ($6)

4. Three LaxRoom Premium Sidewalls - Royal ($3)

5. Stringing Fee: ($20)

7. Total Cost: $94

Stringing Pattern for Brine Clutch with LaxRoom 6d

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