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Brine Lacrosse

Strung Vintage Brine Clutch Lacrosse Head

Strung Vintage Brine Clutch Lacrosse Head

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The most popular lacrosse head of all time, the Brine Clutch was made for the precision shooter. Patented TruOffset design allows you to maximize pocket depth for greater shot power. Multiple string holes paired with a steady sidewall transition allows for multiple pocket positions with a smooth release.

Materials Used / Total Cost Calculation

1. Brine Clutch ($50)

2. Stringers Shack G3 XL ($8.13)

3. Two LaxRoom Shooting Strings ($4)

4. Two LaxRoom Shooting Cords ($2)

5. Three LaxRoom Premium Sidewalls - White ($3)

6. Stringing Fee: ($20)

7. Total Cost: $87.13

Brine Clutch with Stringers Shack G3 XL Stringing Pattern

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