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Armor Mesh

Armor Mesh Men's Pegasus Lacrosse Mesh (White)

Armor Mesh Men's Pegasus Lacrosse Mesh (White)

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Dominate the game with White Pegasus Armor Mesh. Engineered for the ultimate lacrosse experience, Pegasus delivers:

  1. Ultimate Ball Control and Feel: Handmade in Pennsylvania, the free-flowing woven design creates an unparalleled hold on the ball, giving you the confidence to execute every move.
  2. Shockingly Consistent, Smooth Release: Experience a buttery-smooth release with every shot, pass, and dodge. White Pegasus Armor Mesh ensures your shots find their target with unmatched accuracy.
  3. Dual-Sided Options: Customize your playing style with the dual-sided mesh. Choose the grooved side for added channel and accuracy, or the smooth side for increased grip and torque.
  4. Unmatched Durability: 100% waterproof and 10x stronger than steel, White Pegasus Armor Mesh laughs in the face of the elements. It won't bag out, stretch, or wear down, guaranteeing peak performance game after game.
  5. Quick Break-In: Spend less time adjusting and more time playing. White Pegasus Armor Mesh is ready for action right out of the package.

Elevate your game with White Pegasus Armor Mesh – the ultimate choice for players who demand the best.

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