Collection: Armor Mesh Lacrosse Mesh

Stringers Lacrosse Shop is proud to carry a premium selection of Armor Mesh!  Discover the innovative designs and top-quality materials that make Armor Mesh a leader in the industry:

  • Armor Mesh Stringing Kits: Build a best-in-class pocket with complete Armor Mesh stringing kits. Available in MSRP pricing, these kits include everything you need and come in a range of colors (Black, Platinum White, Yellow, and Steel) to match your style.
  • Men's Lacrosse Mesh: Unleash your aggressive playstyle with high-performance Men's Pegasus and Spyder Wire mesh options from Armor Mesh. These premium meshes deliver optimal control and a responsive pocket feel.
  • Women's Lacrosse Runners:  Designed specifically for the women's game, Armor Mesh's Valkyrie runners ensure a clean channel and perfect fit within your pocket. Choose from a variety of colors to personalize your setup.

Find the perfect Armor Mesh gear to upgrade your lacrosse experience at Stringers Lacrosse Shop!

Armor Mesh

Spyder Wire

Unleash Your Precision: Dominate with Spyder Wire Mesh

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a close-up of white armor mesh men's pegasus lacrosse mesh, showcasing its intricate woven pattern and dual-sided design.

Armor Mesh


Smooth Release, Consistent Accuracy: Shoot with Confidence Using Pegasus

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Armor Mesh

Valkyrie Runner

Women's Lacrosse, Redefined: Own the Field with Valkyrie Runner Mesh

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Elevate Your Play: Explore Premium Lacrosse Mesh Now

Level up your game with premium lacrosse mesh from top brands like ECD Lacrosse, LaxRoom, Stringers Shack, and JimaLax.

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