Collection: Lacrosse Sidewall Strings (28 Inches)

At Stringers Lacrosse Shop, we know every player has their preferences. That's why we offer a vast selection of lacrosse sidewall strings from the industry's top brands. Find your go-to favorites and explore exciting new options – all in one place.  Expand your customization potential with our unbeatable color selection and ensure long-lasting performance with the most durable string options on the market.  To top it off, our hand-cut strings guarantee the precision and consistency you need for a truly dialed-in pocket. 

Stringers Lacrosse Shop

At Stringers, we embrace lacrosse's unifying power and its potential for positive global impact. Our thoughtfully curated collection features stylish apparel and premier lacrosse pockets. Rely on our expertise and passion for the sport to ensure you stay at the forefront of lacrosse fashion and technology.