Stringers Society’s New Knot

Stringers Society’s New Knot

Stringers Society began with the idea of trying to help the lacrosse community as a whole with its understanding of the importance of lacrosse stringing, the history of lacrosse, and the power of connection in the lacrosse community. Unlike most sports that are normally coached by a former player, plenty of lacrosse teams are coached by committed parents just doing their best to help their child and area field a lacrosse team. We grew up in lacrosse programs like that, and the devotion of our coaches to learning about the sport helped us set us on a journey to making education a more accessible part of the lacrosse community.

This journey has led us to meeting incredible people, learning about innovative lacrosse businesses, and understanding more about lacrosse than we could’ve imagined. The sport of lacrosse is incredibly special to so many people, and our mission is to help those who love the sport understand it better and help those who haven’t yet discovered lacrosse find out why it’s the greatest sport played on this planet. But our mission is nowhere near complete, and there’s plenty of work to be done both within and outside the sport of lacrosse to improve the appreciation of its history and significance. We’re always working to improve ourselves at Stringers Society or find a way to become better, and we decided that a fresh approach to Stringers Society and our mission is exactly what we needed. So we present to you, our new symbol designed by JacksonHallmanDesign.

Stringers Society’s New Symbol

Our new symbol comes from JacksonHallmanDesign, a passionate designer from the lacrosse community who brought our ideas to life in the new Knot. This symbol is intended to be a shining beacon of positivity and enlightenment in the lacrosse community that can be looked to for guidance and education. And as a Stringers Society, we’re a unit that’s connected through a common thread, or maybe string is the better word. 

The Knot happens back to the fellowship of secret societies who shared the mysteries of the world in closed circles behind drawn curtains. This is similar to the history of lacrosse stringing that has been a passion shared by a minority of those who play the Creator’s game. But our Knot extends past the concepts of structure and containment to reach all who wish to attain the knowledge of stringing in this age. The reason behind making Stringers Society was to spread knowledge to those who seek it, and now the Knot stands as a symbol of where to look for such knowledge.

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