Learn about Stringers Society Lacrosse

Learn about Stringers Society Lacrosse

Lacrosse, and the history that is has, are very different from most other sports and so are the players. As a community, lacrosse players have formed a culture of giving and sharing to help our sport grow when it was not a popular sport. The experiences of learning from others, and being able to give back at the same time, that the founders of Stringers Society have had while playing lacrosse inspired them to create a way to help as many players as possible.

Where it all started

This is when Stringers Society came into the picture. Having a place to educate other players, learn from other players, showcase the best innovations in lacrosse, and share in a culture of helping was what we intended to create. Friends who wanted to better the lacrosse community came together and began working to make somewhere for lacrosse players to learn. We started small. We tried to decide what young players needed to know about stringing, playing, culture, history, and how the sport is changing. After working with some great friends of ours in the lacrosse community and building a site we needed to start producing content of what we thought players needed to know, so we began writing about anything we thought they needed to know.

We experimented with different lacrosse projects, interviewed reps from lacrosse companies, and started writing about everything we could think of to help players. Not every day was easy, but every day was fun. Lacrosse and helping others was always our focus, and that helped motivate us to continue building Stringers Society whenever we ran into obstacles. Once we had accomplished all that we thought we needed to start sharing, we realized we were still missing something crucial that would make Stringers Society special…You!

The Lacrosse community is made up of players and coaches from all ages and varying locations with different styles. Each one of these players has a valuable opinion from their community that could help someone else, but there isn’t always an easy way to communicate to each other. Stringers Society is the solution to that problem and we are here to bring that knowledge and information to you.

The feedback from readers like you, insight from companies, and advice from those who have been there and done it is what is taking Stringers Society to the next level. All of this input and collaboration helps us bring the best information to our readers and truly create the best source for free unbiased lacrosse knowledge. With the community, the writers, and the passion that we have for growing the game there is no limit to what can not be accomplished through Stringers Society...but we are just trying to make lacrosse a little better than it already is.

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