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Harrow Lacrosse

Strung Vintage Harrow X5 Lacrosse Head

Strung Vintage Harrow X5 Lacrosse Head

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The Harrow X5 Lacrosse Head is a stiff, durable, and unique lacrosse head. Designed with an aggressive drop down offset for absolute control and a narrow face shape to improve hold.


  • Harrow X5 Unstrung Head - $25.00
  • LaxRoom 10D White Mesh - $12.00
  • LaxRoom Level 6 Shooting Strings (x3) - Gold - $6.00
  • Stringers Shack HT Sidewall (x3) - Purple - $6.75
  • Professional Lacrosse Stringing Service - $20.00

Total Cost: $65.35

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