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Do you love lacrosse but dread spending hours stringing your stick? Stringers Society offers high-quality lacrosse string and mesh so you can spend more time playing the game you love. Our team of experts have tested out each type of string and mesh on the market so you can make an informed decision about what's right for you.
Lacrosse Mesh and String
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Get free stringing with any new Lacrosse Head purchase when you add mesh and string to your order. Message us if you have questions.

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  • How to buy lacrosse mesh

    The best lacrosse mesh is the lacrosse mesh that makes you the most comfortable with your own lacrosse stick and pocket.

    Best Lacrosse Mesh 
  • StringDex Stringing Guide

    Lacrosse stringing is a skill and a storied art form. Learning to string a lacrosse stick opens up a world of possibilities that we want to help with.

    How to String 
  • Types of Lacrosse Pockets

    Picking the right lacrosse pocket style for you can go a long way and not knowing what to choose can really hurt you as a player.

    Lacrosse Pocket Styles